Please break down boxes for recycling

There is a “good news/bad news” story for ParTerra when it comes to recycling.  The good news is that ParTerra recycles a lot of material – two dumpsters worth per month.  For those among us who are environmentally conscious – it must be gratifying to see how much material goes out as recycling each month – and how much doesn’t make it into the landfill.

The bad news is that while we are good about putting material into the recycling bins, we are sometimes inconsiderate of each other in the way we dispose of our recycling.  Several newsletters like this one have asked the association and our residents to be considerate of each other and break down card board boxes before disposing of them.  Still, we have cases like the one captured in this photo where un-collapsed boxes have filled the recycle containers leaving little room for other residents to dispose of recycling. 

 We are asking again to please take the extra step to collapse and/or break down boxes before recycling them.  Otherwise, you reduce the space other residents have to recycle their materials.   Please help us avoid situations like the one documented in this picture.  Here are some ideas…

  1. Look for seams where boxes are glued together.  Most of them collapse easily if you pull them apart at the glued seams.
  2. If a box is too big, try breaking it down, scoring it along one side and folding it over to make it easier to manage. 
  3. Remove plastic, Styrofoam and other non-recyclable materials from the boxes before disposing of them – it makes it easier to break them down.

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