The President’s Corner

July has brought us some very good weather; and maybe a few days warmer than we would like? And, how about the celebration of July 4th? The fireworks display at Lake Boren park is spectacular, but I thought any other fireworks were illegal in Newcastle? Starting about 9:30 p.m. ending around 11:15 p.m. it sounded like a war zone around here. I don’t know about you but I was very disturbed by the noise of those illegal fireworks. I plan on writing my council-person regarding my complaint. Speaking of complaints we have made several calls to the Seattle Times since our person that delivers the paper has decided he no longer has time to deliver door-to-door and has been leaving the papers in the lobby area. The people at the Seattle Times that David has contacted have claimed they will notify the delivery person and insist he returns to the policy of door-to-door but as of yet this has not happened. Maybe we should all cancel our newspapers; that will get their attention. Since I seem to be on a cranky type mood I will continue with a few more rants: I know it’s difficult to look for some relief by opening the windows in the very stuffy hallways when the temperature rises above 80 degrees, but please resist from opening the hallway windows it throws the minor cooling system we have out of sorts and can cause damage. Also a reminder from our Rules and Regulations 7.4 that states wall or window mounted air-conditioners are prohibited to use; free standing air-conditioners are okay to use.
Thanks to the landscaping committee for their suggestions to the board for the changes you see with the bark and rock borders around the property where there were small grassy areas. It was approved by the board to make changes to the areas that were affected by dogs turning those green areas to unsightly yellow and brown; more costly to us but more pleasing to the eye. With somewhat better weather David has had a chance to get outside more often and improve the cosmetics of the property like removing the moss that was growing on the fence in the pet area; he painted our picket fence at the C building entrance and scrubbed moss off of the exterior walls in several areas. Thanks to those of you that responded to my request for input on David for his 6-month review; David and I sat down with the information provided and covered the areas for improvement and to keep up the good work on all the positive remarks that were shared by owners.
Other summer projects we have planned that will be disruptive to us will be the sealcoat and re-striping of parking areas. We will have to park our cars off the property for a few days while this work is being done, but the end result is an impressive looking “face-lift” and a longer life expectancy for those surfaces. We will also be resealing most of the decks; some of the C building decks were done during our “settlement repair” work a few years ago. We will have to make sure the decks are completely clear of any and all items so those doing the repairs will have full access to the decks. We will provide additional communication on this project as we get firm dates on that work.
We recently received our yearly update on our Professional Reserve Study; the report still shows us underfunded by about 30%, but we feel strongly that we are in good financial standing and it will continue to improve with the plan we have in place. One of the ironic “good” problems we have is that our Treasurer, Nancy Buergel has to find places to put our money because we have exceeded the FICA protected amounts in one bank and are getting close in a second one? The projects I mentioned above are part of the Reserve Study plan and will help with the banking issues once the projects are completed and paid.
The golf report takes us to a trip Pauly and I made up to Whistler, Canada back in late May to play a beautiful course named Nicklaus North and the most interesting thing about the round was something I had never encountered before on a golf course. As I was walking off the 5th green after completing the hole “low and behold” there was a black bear about 15 feet from my golf bag strolling through the golf course. I came to a sudden halt and watched as the bear watched me as it went past my bag and headed off into a bush and wooded area next to the 6th tee. I must admit it was a bit of a rush on my system to see this beautiful “creature” so close and not in a cage like every other time I’ve seen a bear up close and personal. Before I saw the bear I had one birdie and four pars and after the bear I had three bogeys in a row. I would like to blame it on the bear for that, but I know it was me coming back to earth. Memories are made of things like this.
Thanks for listening!
Ken Schoolcraft

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