The President’s Corner

Monday, May 6, 2013 a record high of eighty-seven degrees; wow what a great start of the month. You can see May has brought us the beauty of azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom as well as many other flowers. May also brings us two important “holidays”; Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. At the time of this reading I hope all mothers had a good day and/or you made a positive connection with your mother or mother-in-law. Memorial Day later this month is a day to celebrate those that have passed before us; whether they are family members or possibly someone you knew that served our country in the military. It’s a day for us to appreciate and remember those that were and always will be special to us.
I mentioned last month that Pauly and I were on our way driving to see the Mariners play in Texas both Arlington and Houston. It was a great trip but started off very interesting we found snow on the pass in Washington, snow as we were leaving Idaho and into Montana. On day two we were planning on getting to Denver and to our surprise when we reached Casper, Wyoming the freeway was closed and we were stranded there overnight. Luckily the next day the freeway opened and we drove through snowing and blowing condition until we reached Colorado and didn’t see anything but white ground until we about a third of the way across Kansas and finally saw some green grassy fields. The rest of trip was great and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but we live in wonderful section of the country; it may be grey at times but I will take this over any of the places we saw along the way on this trip.
Here at ParTerra we recently had two minor roof leaks that were found and repaired; this was one of the concerns we had since we’ve had roof leaks every year since we’ve become an Association. With the number of repairs we’ve done and money we’ve spent over the years we were hoping we may have solved our problems? It is a positive making it past the rainy months of the year; let’s hope that is the end of them for this year and we get to our five-year replacement plan without any more leaks. We will soon get bids for the parking lot resurface and restriping project; we received bids and selected a service provider for the window cleaning. This company has also offered an inside window cleaning “deal” if anyone is interested; the cost for this service would be the responsibility of each owner.
It has been six months since we hired our full time Facilities Coordinator David Metz; I would appreciate your feedback on any positives you have observed or areas of improvement that you would like to see done. (Owners please share this information with your tenants). You can send me an email response to Again your feedback would be valuable in making sure ParTerra remains in good condition and that we receiving the support we expect from this position that supports all of us.
I have found very good golfing weather lately and have enjoyed some good rounds with a tournament win last weekend and two more tournaments the next two weeks. The putting has been pretty good and the new irons I got last year having been treating me well also. Golf is a great game that is different every time you play. Some days the shots are straight and other days you struggle to figure out what direction they may be going? You hope for consistency and make the best of what the golf gods have planned for you on that particular day; lately they been good to me :o)
Thanks for listening!
Ken Schoolcraft

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