From the President…

I’ve been away all of this month and only have heard how wet and cold it has been; typical November mid-fall it is suppose to be wet and cold. I won’t tell you what it’s been like in Hawaii; I can never find anyone that feels sorry for me being too warm, sweaty and sticky most of the time.
First of all let me thank the 123 owners that complied with the recent Fire Alarm testing; thank you for your cooperation for this yearly requirement we must deal with to keep us “officially” in compliance and the reality is it keeps us safer in our homes. But for the 17 of you that were not home or did not make arrangements to enter your unit for the required test; you have caused us to reschedule another day for your units to be tested because we did not meet the required percentage of units tested. This is an additional cost to the association and another day of disturbing bells and alarms to all of us. We have communicated this requirement for weeks, sent emails, posted notices, etc. I don’t understand????? We will post notices again when the rework is scheduled and the 17 will be receiving additional information so that the proper arrangement can be made.
Other information reported to me is not so good; we’ve had three or four roof leaks in past few weeks and even though they have been minor it is a bit discouraging that this problem continues to “haunt” us. Those of you that live on the fourth floors of each building it is very important that you watch for leaks and report them immediately to reduce the damage these leaks cause. Check out the ceilings on your decks too; we had one leak that was not reported and it caused additional damage; early detection would not have been as costly to us. David has been cleaning the gutters and the downspout traps to make sure the water is flowing where it should be and not causing damage to us that require costly repairs.
Another important item that is pending this month is the 2014 budget; the board will approve the preliminary budget at the board meeting this month and it will be ratified at the December meeting after being sent to all owners. It looks as though there will be a slight increase mostly due to the uncontrollable rising costs of electricity, water, sewer and garbage. We (the board and Brenda our Property Manager) have worked to reduce or maintain current contracts with our service providers. In some cases we will be changing contractors to reduce the charges to us. There is always the risk of new contractors providing the expected service levels, but the ones we’ve changed we feel confident that the new providers will meet those expectations by being monitored by David and Brenda.
Golf report this month I don’t think can get much better; in the Pacific Northwest golf rounds that are played from November to March do not count because of our weather and course conditions during those months. However, if you happen to play in “dry” climates such as Southern California or Hawaii those scores can be recorded as part of your handicap. Not that I want to continue to lower my handicap that is exactly what I have been doing. I mentioned last month that my handicap had never been as low as it was, well it’s even gotten lower (5.8); I keep telling myself I’m not that good but my scores tell a different story. I’m too old to be playing that good, but I guess I better enjoy it while I can because I know it will be changing in the near future??
Thanks for listening!
Ken Schoolcraft

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