From the President…

Hopefully October won’t bring us as much rain as the record setting September brought us; one good thing during those downpours we didn’t have any roof leaks!! October is one of my favorite months not only because it is my birthday month, but I enjoy the color changes and the cooler days and sometimes stormy nights. I’m writing this in Leavenworth where we come each year and if you haven’t ever been there you should go; it has spectacular scenery through the mountain passes with a rainbow of colors. October also will see the finishing of the deck resurfacing that went better than expected; we owe the credit to David Metz our Facilities Coordinator for the scheduling and oversight and especially to all of you for your cooperation. Responding positively by having your deck cleared and ready when it was your turn and a big thanks to those of you on the 3rd and 4th floors that needed to allow access through your unit to the deck. The decks look great and we should be receiving information from the vendor on how the care for them to make sure they last the maximum amount of time. We are scheduled to have them done every five years, but if all goes well and we treat them as recommended we may get a few more years out of them. This would be beneficial to all of us since this project cost us more than $50,000. That should be incentive to all of us to make sure we do follow the recommendations for cleaning and care.
October has also brought us a new Property Manager, Brenda Jacobs has joined us, she will be at the board meeting on the 16th – if you can come and meet her in person please do.
As I mentioned in last months newsletter article October is also budget planning time; the board will start this after the board meeting on the 16th. We welcome your comments on the budget so send an email to one of the board members or come to the board meeting and share your thoughts and opinions. One good thing after the window cleaning, parking lot resurfacing and the deck resurfacing over the past three months we have completed all the scheduled maintenance repairs items for 2013 and as of this date we don’t have any major items planned during 2014.
We sent out a notice a few weeks ago regarding the spa/hot tub; the board is considering shutting down the spa/hot tub during the winter months. If you have an opinion on this please send your comments to me at The board will take your comments and opinions seriously prior to making our decision on whether to shut down the spa/hot tub or not.
It is not too soon to put our Annual Meeting on your calendar for the third Wednesday in February. We changed the meeting month to meet schedules of the current board. This year there will be three board of director positions up for election; if you want to get involved in community decisions that affect all 140 units this would be the time. The amount of time spent on ParTerra business is getting less and less each year; the decisions are not any less serious but we’ve have settled in as an Association and have dealt with our growing pains.
Golf for Ken has been great over the past month; my handicap is as lower than ever which makes each round more challenging to shoot low scores to maintain that handicap. Retirement definitely has provided me time to improve my game and gain confidence every time out. Playing in Leavenworth this week; Kennewick and Yakima next week, Southern California last week of the month and next months report will come from Hawaii. Does anyone feel sorry for me for the grueling schedule I keep? I don’t know how I keep up with myself.
Thanks for listening!
Ken Schoolcraft

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