11. PETS

11.     PETS

 11.1    Allowed Pets

Residents are permitted to keep pets of the usual domestic species such as dogs, cats, fish, small caged birds, or caged mammals. Owners may keep up to two dogs and/or cats. No animals of any kind shall be kept for breeding purposes. No exotic, dangerous or aggressive pets of any kind will be allowed at ParTerra.  


11.2    Pet Waste

Under no circumstances will the residents of ParTerra tolerate the non-removal of pet waste. All pet droppings must be removed immediately. Fines for non-compliance will be levied by the board at a rate beginning at $100 for a first offense and payable within Ten (10) days. Further violations will incur penalties consistent with section 2.4 of these rules and regulations. In the interest of all homeowners, residents are encouraged to report violations to a member of the Board or the Office Administrator.

 11.3    Pet Removal

The Board may, after Notice and Opportunity to be Heard (grievance process), at any time require the removal of any pet (at the Owners expense) which the Board finds is disturbing other Owners unreasonably, and may exercise this authority for specific pets even though other pets are permitted to remain. The owner of any pet shall be responsible for any damage to personal property caused by the pet and shall indemnify and hold the Association and the Board harmless from any and all liability arising from or caused by the Owner’s pet.

 11.4    Pet Supervision

No pet will be allowed to roam free on the ParTerra property. All animals must be leashed and under the direct control of their caretaker at all times (Pets may be without a leash in the fenced pet area only, but still under control of their caretaker).