2.1       Compliance

All owners, tenants, lessees, renters, their families, guests, invitees, employees, and others who would use the condominium property in any manner are required to be in compliance with the Declarations, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations of the Association.

 2.2       Compliance Procedure

Written notice of the violation(s) shall be sent to the owner of the unit involved. The notice shall state the complaint(s) and state the regulation(s) violated.  The owner may be subject to fines for non-compliance and/or administration fees for such notices. The owner and/or tenant must come into compliance within a reasonable period of time, which shall be stated in the violation notification. 

 2.3       Failure to Comply

In the event the owner and/or the tenant fails to come into compliance, the Board of Directors may call a hearing. Fourteen (14) days prior to this hearing, a notification will be served on the owner and/or tenant by certified mail.

 Following the hearing, the Board of Directors shall send written notice to the owner and/or tenant advising them of their decision. This notice shall include any fine assessments and the required payment schedule.

 2.4       Enforcement

Failure to follow the set-forth rules and regulations of Parterra Condominium may result in written notification and/or fines imposed by the Association as provided in Article 16, Sections 1 of the Parterra Condominium Declaration and Bylaws.

 Fines may be imposed as follows (and consistent with 11.2 of these rules and regulations):

 First offense:                           Written notification

Second offense                      Minimum $25.00 fine imposed

Third offense:                          Minimum$50.00 fine imposed

Subsequent Offense:              $100.00 will be assessed for each offense.

 2.5          Monthly Maintenance Fees

ParTerra Condominium Association fees are due on the first (1st) day of the month and shall be considered late if not received by the tenth (10th) day of the month.  Payments received or postmarked after the 10th day of the month will be assessed a late fee of $50.00.  Any unpaid fees after 60 days the owner will receive a letter in writing requiring contact with the Property Manager to communicate a payment plan.  Any unpaid fees after 90 days without a communication/payment plan will be turned over to the ParTerra legal office for appropriate action.    

 Payment of Fines:  Fines will be assessed at the discretion of the Board of Directors at monthly Board of Directors meetings. The unit owner being fined shall have the right to attend the Board meeting. Payment of any fine assessed must be made within ten (10) days or a payment plan must be submitted. The Board shall retain the authority to levy fines and collect fees.

  Failure to pay any assessed fine will result in the Association exercising its option to file and record a lien against the real property and to pursue collection of the unpaid fine as provided by the statutes and RCW’s of the State of Washington and the Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, including termination of utility service as provided in Article 19, Section 6 of the Declaration.

 The same or subsequent violations by the same owner and/or tenant may result in additional proceedings up to and including enforcement of the Association’s right under RCW 64.34.364.