5.1       Who May Park

Only resident owners, tenants and their guests(s) may park a vehicle upon ParTerra property. While performing services Delivery and Service vehicles shall not park in numbered assigned stalls.  All vehicles must have current license and be in operating condition.    

 5.2       Numbered Spaces and Open spaces

Numbered and reserved spaces are for the sole use of the owners and tenants to which they have been assigned. Parking Stalls are for vehicles only; they are not to be used for storage of any kind. All other authorized vehicles shall be parked in the remaining unmarked spaces on a first-come first-served basis. These unmarked spaces are not to be used for extended periods of time without Board or Office Administrator notification. Head-on parking only is allowed; no vehicle shall be backed into any stall. Non-registered vehicles are limited to park no more than three days. Parking in front of office area or in the designated “C” building stall is limited to fifteen (15) minutes for load and unload purposes only. Violators will receive a warning notice; followed by an official written notice for a second violation; followed by a “violation notice” placed on the vehicle with a warning that may include towing of the vehicle.    

 5.3       Towing Enforcement

Vehicles parked in violation of the rules, such as, but not limited to abandoned vehicles, vehicles in another resident’s assigned space, vehicles parked in fire lanes or any place not marked as a parking stall are subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s sole expense.  Any unregistered vehicle parked for more than three (3) days or more is subject to towing; a notice will be placed on the vehicle and an email will be sent to all owners with a warning of possible towing of the unidentified vehicle.  If no one responds within forty-eight (48) hours the vehicle will be towed.  Any towing activity shall be authorized by a Board member or designee. 

 5.4       Vehicle Speed Limit

No vehicle shall exceed the fixed speed limit of eight (8) miles per hour upon ParTerra property.

 5.5       Large Vehicles and Towed Units

All vehicles that are not self-propelled such as, campers, trailers, boats, and motor homes and all vehicles over two and one-half tons are prohibited from parking on the Common Elements property.  Any exception to this rule must be requested in writing and approved by the Board of Directors.

This does not include moving vans and delivery vehicles that are loading or unloading. Vehicles in violation shall be subject to towing at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.

  5.6       Vehicle Governing Codes

All vehicles operated upon the property and parked upon the property are subject to all state and county codes governing motor vehicles.

 5.7       Vehicle Noise

Vehicle horn honking, loud stereo systems, engine revving, loud exhaust and/or mufflers or car alarms that are continuously activated of any vehicle between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. is prohibited. Residents shall be responsible for notifying guests, car pools, bus drivers, etc., of this rule.

 5.8       Disposal of Fluids

Any person draining any fluid in any drain, storm sewer line or trash container shall be liable for all the subsequent fines. Any person who causes any vehicle fluid to drain onto any surface of the Common Elements shall be responsible for the cost of cleaning and any repair of damages to the Common Elements.

 5.9       Fluid Leaks

Any vehicle continuously leaking gasoline, oil, antifreeze or any other fluid shall be repaired or removed from the property.  Steps should be taken such as “kitty litter”, spill pans, or a piece of cardboard to protect the area under the vehicle.  The owner of the unit shall be responsible for all costs of cleaning and/or repair to the Common Elements.  Excessive leaks or continuous leaks are subject to fines at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

 5.10    Vehicle Repair and Washing

Doing maintenance, repair or washing of vehicles is not permitted on property.