Common areas are for the use and enjoyment of all residents and should be kept clutter free to maintain safe access for all. Where residents’ private living areas are adjacent to common areas, all are asked to respect those residents’ personal privacy.                               

6.1       Grounds

Do not litter on the grounds, off any balcony, or in any of the parking lots. All garbage and recycling should be disposed of properly in the correct container. Do not deface common property. You are responsible for all damage caused by you or your guests. If damage to the grounds or property is discovered, the Board should be notified immediately. Clean up any droppings made by pets.

 6.2       Landscape Modifications

None of the original lawn, plants, trees or shrubs may be removed, and digging, planting, or landscaping is not allowed without permission from the Board of Directors.

 6.3       Hot Tub and Fitness Area

The Hot Tub and Fitness Area is for the enjoyment of residents and their guests exclusively. The rules and safety regulations for the hot tub are posted there and must be observed. Appropriate attire must be worn at all times.  The hot tub area cannot be reserved or monopolized. No barbeques and grills are permitted inside the Hot tub area. Pets are not allowed in the Fitness Area and children must be accompanied by an adult.

 6.4       Garage Sales and Donated Items

Individual garage sales are not permitted. Charitable donations of furniture and other items may not be left in the common areas.

 6.5       Roof Access, Antennae, and Satellite Dishes

Roof access is not allowed. Individual owners may not authorize roof work including installation of satellite dishes. The Board or designee shall control all access to the roof.

 6.6       Garbage & Trash Containers

Trash must be stored inside owner’s unit until placed in the compactor or recycle containers. All residents are encouraged to separate recyclable material and place it in the appropriate container. Recycle bins are to be used for recyclable material only; all cardboard boxes shall be flattened. Placing garbage in the recycle bins is not permitted. Fines can be given to the association and/or Waste Management may not pick up recycle bins if they have garbage in them. Violators may be subject to fines for not adhering to this rule.

 6.7       Play Area

The play area is for the use of small children while under the supervision of an adult; the play area is for residents and guests only. Pets are not allowed in the play area. 

 6.8       Interior

Items of an ornamental or decorative nature that do not project beyond the doorway alcove into the hallway are allowed. Any other items such as shoes, clothing and garbage containers are not allowed. Do not remove or alter any fire protection or security system.