Limited Common Elements (LCE’s) are defined as parking stalls, storage areas, garages, patios, decks and balconies.

 8.1       Alterations

Alterations of any sort to LCE’s (including satellite dishes) first requires written approval of the board.

 8.2       Deck/Patio Maintenance

Only normal patio accessories, such as patio furniture, planters, flower containers and gas grills, may be used or kept on any patio or deck. FOR SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS CHARCOAL GRILLS ARE NOT PERMITTED.  Gas grills shall be used no closer than twenty-four inches (24”), barbeques must be kept away from building to avoid damage to vinyl siding. No more than two (2) bicycles may be stored on a deck or patio at any given time. Bicycles may not be stored in a suspended manner. Screws, nails, or hooks are not allowed in the ceiling of any deck. Birdfeeders or wind-chimes are also prohibited.   No patio or deck shall be so filled as to prevent ease of escape in the event of a fire.

 8.3       Storage Units

Storage units or garages shall not contain any hazardous or flammable materials. Ensure sprinkler heads remain clear and unobstructed.

 8.4       Fences

Fences adjacent to unit Buildings A, B, and C shall remain as originally constructed and will be maintained by the Association. Owners may not construct a fence enclosing the limited common area adjacent to their unit. Ground floor privacy screenings may be permitted with the written approval of the Board.