9.1       Signs and Notices

No sign, sticker, banner, notice, advertisement or poster may be displayed on the outside of any building, window or on the Common Elements, except for signs indicating the presence of a security system. A single national flag of moderate size may be displayed per unit.

 No real estate, For Sale, For Lease, For Rent or other signs of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on or from any unit, Limited Common Element, or Common Element or at the entrance to the ParTerra Property.  ParTerra will provide one sign post with multiple flyer boxes to place information on units that are for sale at the corner of SE 79th PL and Coal Creek Parkway. Key boxes may be placed on the lowest portion of the fence adjacent to the spa area.

ParTerra-related notices may be posted for one month at a time on the designated corkboards located in the mailrooms.  The notice shall not be larger than a 3X5 index card; appropriate business cards may also be posted, once approved and time-stamped at the office.

 9.2       Exterior Decorations

Exterior decorations intended for permanent display are prohibited. Seasonal decorations are allowed during the appropriate season.

 9.3       Window Coverings

All window coverings that can be seen from the exterior must be maintained in good condition and should contribute to the uniform appearance of our community. All portions of curtains, blinds or draperies visible from outside the units shall be white in color. Any items placed on window ledges or in windows should be decoratively appropriate and not detract from the appearance of the community.

 9.4       Doors

It shall be the responsibility of unit owners to maintain their front entry door. All doors shall be painted to match the original color. Owners may install screen doors on their units. Screen doors will be Andersen HD 2000/2500 Self-Storing Doors and will be white in color with nickel hardware. All costs associated with screen doors will be the responsibility of the owner. Owners must seek approval of the screen door from the Board prior to installation.

 9.5       Exterior Windows

Cleaning, maintenance and repair of all exterior windows and sliding glass doors that can be safely reached shall be the responsibility of the homeowner. The Board will consider periodic cleaning of exterior windows throughout the complex. Any windows or doors replaced shall be of the same design, color and style as originally installed.